Adventure out to Kinver

It’s a fact that we never plan ahead for our weekends.
We like to go out on a Saturday morning and have a spontaneous adventure.
So on this certain Saturday we decided we would venture out to Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses. It’s on the border between Worcestershire and Staffordshire.


We have been here before, but every time we seem to go the rock houses haven’t been open to the public. The first time we went they were having work done to them, and this time the work was still being done. It is something I would love to check out though. The rock houses are a set of cave houses excavated into the local sandstone. One of the rocks ‘Holy Austin’ was once a hermitage (religious retreat).

Another reason we went back again was to try and find ‘Nanny’s Rock’, but both times we just couldn’t seem to find it! We just have no idea where it is!! I mean we looked on the map and everything, but maybe third time lucky? You’re probably wondering what on earth is Nanny’s Rock? Basically it is this five-room cavern which was first lived in by someone called ‘Meg-o-Fox Hole’, who died in 1617. It was named after a reclusive inhabitant, who made herbal potions.
Now I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds interesting!! But still we haven’t been able to find it, so I’m afraid I can’t put a picture up or tell you anything about it or how cool I thought it was 😦 So instead we just decided to go wherever the wind took us.

All throughout our little adventure we came across lots of ‘kissing gates’. I never used to know anything about these, until Darren told me what they were. So one of you goes through the gate first, then turns around and kisses the person on the other side. Now every time we have to walk through one of these one of us will go through first then turn and kiss the other. Cute or lame? I’ll let you be the judge of that!


When we go for walks usually everything is fine, lovely, perfect, all the above. But for some unknown reason this time (sorry in advance for being crude) I had a constant wedgie!! Nothing was different though, I was wearing leggings and underwear I had worn before, I just couldn’t understand why it was happening. Literally every 2 minutes I was having to look around me to make sure there was no one behind me looking at me rearranging myself! (HOW EMBARRASSING THOUGH).
Maybe before our next walk I’m going to have to walk around the house a while to test out my bottom parts attire and see whether or not it agrees with me that day!

After almost 2 hours of walking I said to Darren why don’t we go and get a hot chocolate.
If we ever go to Costa I always have a hot chocolate. I don’t drink coffee or tea, plus Costa hot chocolates are my favourite, especially at Christmas time! They have by far the best selection to choose from and the novelty cups just make them even cuter!
So off we went to Costa, I had my hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and Darren had his coffee and cream, as per usual. (He loves coffee)
But we were really hungry as well at this point, so of course we went and got a chippy. DELICIOUS! Curry sauce, you cannot beat chip shop curry sauce!

I can genuinely say I had such a lovely day. It is so true when people say you don’t need to go out and spend money to enjoy yourself, because you really don’t. Going out on walks of a weekend is one of my favourite things to do.

What do you do to have fun? I’d love to know! 🙂




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