Happy Easter everyone!!
I hope you have all had a lovely Easter weekend with family, friends, your pets or whoever it may be and of course stuffed your faces with lots of chocolate and Easter eggs!
For those of you who have given anything up for lent, WELL DONE it is finally over and you can once again enjoy whatever it is you gave up. I did too, I gave up crisps, chocolate and sweets. It is certainly one of the most long winded waits of my life!
But I can honestly say I haven’t felt one bit of guilt this weekend for stuffing my face with chocolate and crisps. The giving up sweets part wasn’t so bad, I’m not a massive sweet eater to start with.

My Easter weekend has been quite a mix and match of things. Good Friday we went to the cinema to watch ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. The only way I can describe this film is ‘very unexpected’ I guess. It was brilliant though, the trailer doesn’t give a thing away which is when you know the film is always a good one. We went to the Electric cinema in Birmingham, which is the oldest working cinema in Britain. It had a kind of old smell to it when you walked in, but that’s because you didn’t get the instant smell of popcorn when you walked in the doors. They don’t sell popcorn because they don’t want the carpets to get sticky from popcorn being dropped on the floor and trodden in.
You could choose whether you wanted to sit in a regular seat, or on a sofa at the front or back of the room. We went for the sofa at the back, they were so comfy! I didn’t expect them to be as comfy as they were but they were superb! If you choose a sofa at the back you can choose to have a waiter serve you, so you text the number downstairs to bring you something like a cup of tea and they will bring it right up to you during the film. Imagine that, a cup of tea in the cinema, bizarre but brilliant! So if you are ever in Birmingham I would most definitely recommend you check out the Electric cinema.
Saturday I did a bit of baking. I can’t say I’m brilliant at it, because I’m really not but you know what they say practice makes perfect. But apart from that Saturday was a quiet one for us.
Easter Sunday we went for a meal with Darren’s family at the Irish Centre (his family are Irish) for a Sunday roast, which was delish. You can’t beat a roast dinner.
Then today which is bank holiday Monday, we have just been out on a little walk around Chase Water, in Cannock. Then it’s back to work tomorrow!
It’s lovely when you know you have a long weekend to look forward to, just being able to plan to do something or not do anything and relax for a couple of extra days is so nice.

So again, I hope you have all had a fantastic Easter whatever you have gotten up to whether it be spending time with your loved ones or just eating mountains of chocolate! Be sure to make the most of those Easter eggs.









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