Avon Love 

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If you’ve read my previous posts then you will know just how much I love a bit of Avon.

For years and years now my mom has always managed to get us the Avon book to look through and 99.9% of the time we will always order something from it. These few products are just a few more to add to my mahoooosive Avon collection.
I can’t even tell you how many Avon nail varnishes I have, I don’t even know myself there are that many of them in my ‘not so little’ nail varnish bag.

Luxe Cocoa Couture Eye Shadow Palette 

So this eyeshadow palette was the first thing I came across and this is the Avon Luxe Cocoa Couture Palette. I am absolutely in love with the colour range of this palette. The colours are what first drew me towards this straight away. The texture of the shades are creamy, but also soft and velvety. Once you have applied them, you can guarantee they will be staying right where they are until you want to start taking your makeup off.

Blusher Brush 

Make up Blending Sponge 

I use this blusher brush every single day. I absolutely love it. The texture and the quality of this brush is unreal. From my past experience I have never had an issue with Avon make up brushes, I would recommend their brushes to anyone.
Sometimes with blusher or powder brushes I have found that the bristles can fall out and stick onto your face. I’ve had this problem quite a few times before with brushes, but with this blusher brush and my other Avon brushes I have no complaints whatsoever!

Now the make up blending sponge. You can find these sponges in shops all over, but you can also find them in the Avon book at half the price! This is just from my own experience but this is another reason why I love Avon. I would judge this sponge as being the exact same quality as one I would buy from the shops on the high street. It is just perfect for your everyday make up routine. Again, I’ve had times in the past where I have used a sponge and bits of the sponge have started coming out onto my face and on the floor. However, this sponge has lasted me longer than any of those I have tried in the past and still hasn’t managed to break up in my hand. So this sponge gets my full approval!

So girlies, I would definitely recommend you go check out Avon and I promise you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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