Top 10 Nail Colours

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Well hello again, two posts in one day?! Oh I am spoiling you aren’t I 😉

I have mentioned in a post before the amount of nail polishes I own and I really can’t count just how many there are, because honestly there are just SOOO many, it’s getting quite out of control now haha.
So I thought, hey, why not do a top 10 nail colours post?!
Nail polishes are one of my top favourite beauty items.
I love every single one of these colours, none of them are brand brand BRAND new, the newest one is around 2 months old. So I have tried every colour way more than once haha.

During my school and college days I was the girl who would always be wearing a different colour nail polish every single week, until around 2 years ago I decided it was time to give my nails a break from all of these different varnishes, as it was getting to the point where my nails couldn’t breathe! My finger nails were looking yellow by this point and that was without the nail polish colour.. GROSS! So ever since that day I have never worn colour on my nails to that extreme and now my nails love me for it. 🙂

But hey ho, I really enjoyed making this post for you, so I hope you enjoy reading it and checking out the pictures just as much! 🙂

Rimmel London Lasting Finish – In the colour, Azure

No7 Stay Perfect – In the colour, Duck Egg Blue

Barry M – In the colour, Indigo

Avon Nailwear Pro – In the colour, Coral Reef

Barry M – In the colour, Bright Red

Rimmel London Lasting Finish – In the colour, Your Majesty

Avon Gel Shine – In the colour, Nudeitude

Barry M Mani Mask – In the colour, Birthday Suit (& it’s good for your nails, BONUS!) 

Avon Nailwear Pro+ – In the colour, Lemon Sugar 

Models Own – In the colour, Lilac Dream 

Let me know if you enjoyed this sort of post and if you would want me to do more like this?
I really did enjoy creating this kind of post, looking through all my nail polish colours and choosing my faves.
It even gives you chance to find those colours you had completely forgotten about!

Now go and have the best day ever! 🙂

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