Sunday Say.. 3 

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Hello everyone!
It’s that time of the week again where I just ramble on and on, but I must say even though I’ve only posted a few of these ‘Sunday Say..’ posts I do really enjoy them. 🙂

So yesterday I was all set to sit at my computer and get another blog post looking all lovely and finished and posted. But I just wasn’t feeling myself at all, so I thought you know what, I’m not going to. I just turned it off and went out and had some fun, oh and quite a lot of food. It’s not that I was feeling down/sad/unhappy or anything like that, I just didn’t feel myself at all and I couldn’t seem to get into the swing of things when it came to blogging and I knew that the post wouldn’t have been half as good as what it would be if I was feeling up to it 100%.

BUT, putting that to one side, we had already planned to go ‘Adrenaline Tubing’ at the Snowdome last night, so obviously I had been looking forward to that and it was WICKED!

I’ve never been adrenaline tubing before, I’ve only ever been tobogganing and that was an experience! I had got to the bottom of the slope perfectly fine, then I stood up and all of a sudden out of nowhere this man went straight into the back of me and made me fall over straight onto the edge of my toboggan, OH THE PAIN!! I will never forget the big mahoooosive bruise I had on my right bum cheek for which felt like forever, it was just awful. But hey, nothing like that happened last night so that was cool, just thought I would fill you in on a little story there haha.
If you’ve never been tobogganing or adrenaline tubing, or anything like that before and you love an adrenaline rush, then I suggest you get out there and go for it! You will love it, it’s so much fun.

But then of course after all the fun was over, it was home time, but we were feeling peckish and fancied some chocolates and sweeties so we popped into Asda on the way home and grabbed some chocolate and a giant tub on pick n mix. It’s been years since I’ve had a pick n mix! So we grabbed that, went home, pigged out and it was great!
By the end of the night I was feeling completely myself again, it was just what I needed like a kind of pick me up. 🙂

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I’d love to hear what you all get up to on your weekends, please do let me know. 🙂

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