Top 3 Drugstore Moisturisers 

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I know what you will all be thinking, the title says top 3 but there are 4 items in the picture below? Don’t you worry my little lovlies! All will be explained soon.

But anyway, hello everyone! If you’re reading this then I do want to thank you so much for it, it really does mean a lot to me. 🙂

So as you have probably guessed from the title I wanted to show you my top 3 drugstore/ high-street moisturisers. I have a rather errrm, little but large, collection of them and believe it or not, it wasn’t even that hard to whittle it down to just 3! These are 100% my go to, holy grail moisturisers and they’re not even that pricey, so it’s a win win situation!

Original Astral – Face and Body Moisturiser

I know for a fact I’ve included ‘Astral‘ in a previous favourites post. Out of every moisturiser I own this stuff is my all time fave one. I’ve praised it so much in a previous post, but I just can’t seem to praise it enough.

Now, the reason there are 4 items in the top picture is because I have 2 Astral tubs. I originally got this smaller pot from Boots for £3.89, but then the other day I was in Suprerdrug and they had the larger tub for the exact same price! So of course I was going to buy it, this stuff will last me a lifetime now. The most useful thing I have found with this is that no matter how much of it I use it never seems to run out. But obviously I know it will run out one day because I do use it every day, so why not buy the larger tub at the same price as the smaller one and I know it will last me twice as long. Perfect!

I use this moisturiser for both my face and body. It leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and feeling like it can actually breathe. That’s one thing I have found with other moisturisers, they don’t allow your skin to breathe and they feel so heavy on your face. This one doesn’t have a particularly strong smell, I would just describe it as your normal fresh smelling moisturiser (in a good way though). This is just an all round excellent product, and for the price you can’t go wrong can you really? So this is definitely one of my highly recommended moisturisers.

Soap and Glory – The Righteous Butter 

Now c’mon, we all love Soap and Glory right? The scent, the packaging, the very large amazing Christmas gift sets they sell. I have so many Soap and Glory products dotted around the house, I just can’t get enough of them, including their Righteous Body Butter.

This is a body butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera, and I do love me a bit of shea butter and aloe vera. To me this butter just smells like Soap and Glory and one of the many reasons I love this brand is because of their Original Pink fragrance.
All you need to do is grab a handful after your shower and start rubbing it on whatever part of your body you want. I will admit I only really use this for my legs more than anything, but honestly it makes my legs feel so velvety and soft. I have a shower, rub it on my legs and then go out and when I come back to change into my pyjama bottoms my legs still feel like I have just applied the body butter. It is unreal. It makes my legs feel so silky soft. This is £10 from Boots, it’s a little more pricey than the previous moisturiser but mine has lasted me quite a while and I still have tons of the stuff left. So I think it is definitely worth the money.

Soap and Glory – Heel Genius Foot Cream

My third and final favourite, again, is another one of Soap and Glorys products, the ‘Heel Genius Foot Cream‘. Now I have to have soft, smooth feet, I just have to. I can’t stand dry feet. One of my pet hates is having dry feet. Luckily I don’t get dry feet very easily, but that is also down to the fact that I always look after them. Our feet are probably the one thing we will forget about or not look after as much as we should do, so if that’s you, start looking after them right now 😉

The foot cream I have here is only a travel sized one (50ml), but you can get the bigger sized one (125ml) which is only £5.50, again from Boots, and considering how little our feet are compared to our entire bodies you don’t really need to use all that much so it will last quite a while. Plus the cream inside here is blue. It might just be me, but I like the fact that one of my favourite moisturisers isn’t white, sometimes it’s nice to see a different colour considering how many moisturisers I have and how many of them are white.

Another thing which works wonders for getting soft and smooth feet is to apply a shed load of this Soap and Glory foot cream before you go to bed, then slip some cotton socks over the top (they do actually sell these in Boots, I have the ‘Bamboo Moisturising Spa Socks‘ – £5.50), then let it all soak in while you’re asleep. I know some of you will be thinking “what, socks in bed?! No way!”, but don’t worry I felt the exact same, I hate wearing socks to bed but when I know I’m going to have silky smooth feet in the morning I’ve learnt not to mind that much. Your feet will definitely thank you for it when you wake up with the smoothest feet ever!

What are some of your favourite high-street/drugstore moisturisers? Please do tell 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying your day whatever you may be doing. 🙂

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