LaRoc Eyeshadow Palette 

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Hello my lovely readers! I’m going to jump right in and start off by admitting that when it comes to makeup, eyeshadow has never been something I have worn religiously with my daily makeup. However!! That was before I came across the ‘LaRoc Beginners Collection, Eyeshadow Palette‘, now I can’t stop wearing the stuff.

Can I just say as well, this palette has 120 different colour shades, yeah, that’s right, 120!!
I did mention that I was going to go into more detail about this in my latest Sunday Say.. post. So here goes, wahooOoOoOo!

This being a ‘Beginners Collection‘ is absolutely perfect for me because like I said before, I’ve never worn eyeshadow all that much. I purchased this palette from Amazon for £4.99, so you can’t go wrong can you really?
The shades are a mixture of both matte and shimmer, the only thing I’d say that is a slight issue with this palette is that there are no names for the shades and when you’re doing a blog post, well.. we all know that can be a bit of a problem, right girls?

I’d say I’ve definitely been edged a lot more towards the bronzes, coppers and browns in this palette when I’ve been doing my daily makeup. I will try to push myself to be a bit more daring and use the more pigmented shades like the greens, but overall I would say this is definitely one of the better eyeshadow palettes I’ve bought, as I do like neutral colours and this is palette has plenty of those.

Now I am no makeup artist, I will admit that now, but I just wanted to try and do a quick little eyeshadow look for you so you could see how well pigmented the shades are. I do love the shimmer shades, so I did use both matte and shimmer for this look and I do think the shimmer shades are so sparkly and beautiful, plus I’ve always been a big shimmer shade fan. (Sorry for saying shimmer shade so much haha).

So for the above look I started off with this light matte beige colour for the base, all over the lid. Oh and of course I did apply an eyeshadow primer beforehand!

Then I went for this shimmery bronze colour and applied it in the corners of the lid and slightly blending it into the crease of the lid. I did also put this colour under my bottom lash line, just to give my eyes a little bit more of a sparkle.

Lastly, I chose this shimmery dark, ashy brown colour. Again blending the tiniest bit into the crease and a little bit in the corner of the lid as this colour is very pigmented.

Then that’s it! I told you I was no makeup artist, but hopefully I have explained it as well as I could and you have enjoyed it. 🙂

But I would really recommend this for beginners like me and even if you have been doing makeup brilliantly for years I would still recommend it, because you can’t go wrong really can you? Especially for the price and the number of shades you get for your money. But of course if having the names of the shades is a big thing for you then no, I wouldn’t recommend it. Personally for me because I’m still learning, the names really aren’t a big thing for me right now.

I hope you enjoyed that and you’re all having a lovely sunny weekend my lovlies!
If you have any hints or tips for me as a very basic beginner with eyeshadow, then throw them my way please I would really appreciate that. 🙂

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