August Faves

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Hello my lovelies! First off, can someone please explain to me where this month has even disappeared too? It’s actually scary how fast time is passing us by these days!

But on the plus side, it’s monthly favourites time yayyyy! August has been quite an exciting month for me, I turned 21, I hit 1K page views on my blog and I treated myself to quite a few new beauty and skincare bits! & we all know it’s exciting when the summer months come to an end and you can start preparing for the other exciting things coming up!…. Autumn, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Winter, Christmas… the list could go on and on, don’t you think?!
But aside from all of that, I hope you have all had a lovely month too. Whether you’ve also had a birthday, you may have been on a lovely family/friends holiday or even if you have just been enjoying the summer holidays off school/college/work.

Come on then, let me show you what I’ve been looooving this month.

80’s XL CD

This is something I’ve never really spoke about on my blog but I am a massive 80’s fan when it comes to music. I’ve always loved the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music, I think it was from growing up with a mother like mine who constantly played the old school jams haha.

So I had been dropping quite a few hints to my better half that I wanted this album, well.. they weren’t really hints I just told him I wanted it so he went out and surprised me with it yayyy!  Since I have had this I am constantly switching between the 4 CD’s in the car of a morning and I haven’t listened to the radio once! LOVE IT.

Satsuma Body Sorbet

Ok, so, I am slightly obsessed with the Body Sorbets from The Body Shop, but c’mon can you blame me? They are so light and fast absorbing I just can’t seem to fault them. Also the variety of scents they sell are just out of this world and now this one, OH.MY.WOW… I cannot even explain to you how much I love this smell. It reminds me of an orange type soap my mom used to get us when I was much younger, so as soon as I first smelt this it took me right back to my childhood days and I have just loved it ever since. 

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette – Lace

How beautiful please? I’ve only recently created a post based around this Sleek blush palette (you can find it here), so I won’t be going into too much detail about this one.
But what I will say is that this is now officially my favourite blush palette, the middle colour Guipure is my most used one out of the three and I can guarantee I will be making the most of this palette now it’s coming up to Autumn and Winter, I need to get that rosey, cold cheek look and this is perrrrrfect for that.

Stack – App

I have been LOVING this app, usually when it comes to games on my phone I will play it for about half an hour or so, get bored with it and then never touch it again, so I just end up deleting it. However, this app has got me completely and utterly addicted and I don’t even feel bad about it at all! I’m not going to explain how it works, I just want you to go and download it right now and then you can come back and tell me if you’re addicted or not, deal?!


You must have heard of those Walkers crisps called Buggles, surely? You know, that TV advert with Gary Lineker in the lift, upside down.. no? Still nothing? Well, they are also my new favourite thing. The cheese ones are my fave, but they do have other flavours like Southern Style BBQ and Sour Cream & Black Pepper. They just taste amazeballs and are a funky shape. You should try them. 😉


Well that is all for this month! You’re probably thinking “Where are all the beauty faves?”, I do have a lack of them this month but I think that’s because I’ve been sticking to what I know and love when it comes to my makeup so I haven’t really tried anything new, but then on the other hand I don’t want to keep boring you with the same old thing month in month out, do you see where I’m coming from here? 

What are your monthly faves my loves? Comment them down below or better still, leave me the link to your monthly favourites post, I’d love to read them!
I hope wherever you are in the world you’re having the best day ever. 🙂

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