Yep, Nailed It 

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Good evening one and all… Please do bear with me this week as I am away from my usual set up, so there won’t be posts up as frequent as I would like but it will all be back to normal next week, promise! 🙂

I just wanted to talk to you about this LUSH new nail varnish I was given a few weeks ago, honestly, I’m already obsessed with it. 

It’s the No7 Gel Finish Nail Colour in the shade Pink Mocha. For starters, it is such a cool name don’t you think? Secondly, this is how much I love this nail colour.. because for the first time in a long time I currently have matching finger nails AND toe nails.. I mean c’mon, this is almost as big as having matching underwear on and we all know that doesn’t happen that often anymore, right girls?!

You can clearly see here that the name Gel Finish speaks for itself, it really is so shiny, so glossy and so gel like. This picture is around a week after first applying the varnish and as you can see, no chips, no smudging, nothing!
Oh and the best part is I only had to apply one layer of it, YES, ONE!! I knew from the moment I started applying it that I was already in love with it.. It’s very rare these days that you can apply one layer of varnish, smoothly with no hassle and it still manages to look thick on your nails so it doesn’t need another layer.

Finally, can we talk about the colour please?! To me this colour is a mixture of summer and autumn, you can see the pinky shade and the beautiful gold shimmer it has, which to me makes me think of summer but then I think the autumn part comes from how much darker it actually is when you apply it to your nails. So of course now is the perfect time of year to wear it, yay! But already I know that this shade is going to be one of my go to’s for sure.

What are your go to summer/autumn nails? Nail colours are one of my favourite things, so I would love to know and get more ideas for my next shopping trip!

I hope you are all having the best day ever, lots of love! xo 🙂

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