Beauty Hacks ft. Shadow Switch

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Hello my lovely jubblies! After my week away I have been ever so excited to get back into my blogging ways. (If you are even a tiny bit interested in my week away I vlogged everything which you can go and check out here.)

However, before I went away the lovely team over at Dee&Co very kindly sent me one of the fun beauty products to try from the NEW brand Beauty Essentialswhich was the Shadow Switch.


I only properly started wearing eyeshadow around 6 months ago, I know what took me so long, right?! But I’m sure we all know that when it comes to wearing eyeshadow there is A LOT of brush switching in the process and if you are like me then you will know just how lazy you are when its time to clean your makeup brushes. *YAWN*


So what better invention than a DRY brush cleaner?!
I’m pretty sure this cute little tin was sent down from the gods above because it is a life saver


Simply start by going about your normal eyeshadow routine by choosing and applying the first shade you want to use, like nothing is new. 


First colour applied? Yes? Ok, now grab your Shadow Switch and start rotating your eyeshadow brush around the wire sponge, you are simply getting rid of all the excess colour that you don’t want on the brush so it will be 10x easier for you to blend in your next chosen shade. 


If you then look at the sponge you should be able to see all of the excess that you wanted to get rid of clearly visible on the sponge (like mine above). 


(The left swatch is before using Shadow Switch & you can’t even see the 2nd swatch on the right after using it.)

This product does exactly what it says on the tin and it does it extremely well. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even see where I have swatched it the second time after using the Shadow Switch tool.

It’s main aim is to rid you of all the hassle of having to use countless amount of brushes when applying your eyeshadow, then cleaning all of those same brushes and having to wait what feels like a lifetime for them to dry.


It is suggested that you take the sponge out and clean it with warm soapy water and leave it to dry naturally every 2 months or if you want to be really hygienic then you could always just go and buy yourself a new sponge, I guess it all depends on personal preference.

This is just so you’re not transferring things such as bacteria back onto your face after using the Shadow Switch for a couple of months or so. 


Also I must point out that this packaging is the original packaging for the Shadow Switch as Beauty Essentials have recently changed their packaging for all of their products, so this won’t be the same packaging as there is a brand spanking NEW one, exciting! 

You can purchase this product from Amazon for £5.99 with FREE delivery, how amazing!

Be sure to check out Beauty Essentials on Twitter for all of their updates regarding their NEW cool and exciting products & again a BIG thank you to Dee&Co/Beauty Essentials for sending me this amazing product to try, I simply love it. 


Thank you all for reading and I hope you are all having the best day ever & be happy! 🙂

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