Lush Smelling Wax Melts

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Ok, so, I love candles and I love everything candle related FACT.

I have always been a huge fan of wax melts, oil burners and that sort of thing but I have never had the amazing opportunity of being able to choose from some of the most exciting, quirky scents out there.. UNTIL NOW


The lovely Hannah from Home of Cloud 9 very kindly asked me to choose 2 scents I would like to try out, so I decided to go for the Christmas Tree and Toasted Marshmallow scents & yes I will start off by saying how AMAZING they smell and just how simple and cute the packaging is. I love the simple things in life and this is certainly one of them. 


I love how the wax melts come in two different shapes and sizes and that they don’t have to be used all at once. If you want a more subtle scent then personally I would recommend only breaking one cube off, but if you wanted to go for a much more obvious and intense aroma then definitely try using 2 cubes. 


I only started off by using one of the Christmas Tree scented cubes just to get a feel for how subtle the scent would be. I placed this burner in the living room and I didn’t find the smell over powering in the slightest, so as soon as I walked into the room I could instantly smell a very fresh, piney scent and it was AMAZING. 


These wax cubes broke off one another so easily I was actually shocked at just how easy I managed to do it, I thought I would be struggling for a while haha and also how fast it melted when I placed it on the oil burner, within minutes of taking this picture above I was taking the picture below.. literally like magic! 


It looks like melted butter right? I just love it haha.

I find candles, oil burners, incense sticks etc. so warming and cosy to have in the house, I think that everyone should have them but of course it is always down to personal preference and that is just my opinion. I just find them so relaxing and comforting, especially if you decide to go for a more relaxing scent like Jasmine, Lavender or my favourite.. Vanilla, YUM. 


I just want to say a BIG thank you to Hannah for sending me these lovely products and I would highly recommend you go and check out the links below if you are interested.


All of the products are 100% Eco Soy Wax Melts handmade in the UK, amazing! You can buy an individual pot for £1.20 or a 6 Cube Bar for £4, personally I think they are mega cheap and mega affordable so if you are into this sort of thing then definitely have a nose around. 


I hope you have enjoyed this kind of post, I will definitely be posting a lot more about my love for candles and more homely items as I really enjoyed writing this one.

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂 xo 

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