Zoella: On My Travels Backpack

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I am pretty sure we all know just how much of a role model Zoella is to us bloggers. So I’m going to hazard a guess that like myself, her inspiration is the main reason you plucked up the courage to start your blog, right? However, to me personally Zoella is not just a role model, a YouTuber or a blogger; she is a friend and a big sister who has the ability to make you smile even on those down days that we all have. It is as though she has this gift of spreading happiness and positivity and we just can’t get enough of her. 

Anyway enough of all the mushy stuff, moving onto the new range of Zoella Lifestyle.. It is new, fun and everyone wants a piece of it, including me! 


Now if you follow Zoella or Zoella Lifestyle on Twitter or you have been watching her recent vlogs then you will already be aware of the ‘Star Gift’ this week. For those of you who are thinking “What on earth is she talking about?!” the ‘On My Travels Backpack’ from Zoella Lifestyle is the Star Gift in all UK Boots stores and on boots.com, which means instead of the backpack costing £50 it is currently £26 for one whole week (ending the 21/10, which is actually tomorrow so be quick and grab yours)!
With this backpack you get the ‘Inspire Keyring’ along with the ‘Pencil Set’ and the ‘Topped with Cream and Sprinkles Travel Mug’ – AMAZING for only £26, wouldn’t you agree?!


I just love this backpack and everything in it, the colour scheme is gorgeous too… grey with a coral like colour, you know what I mean by coral right? An orangey, pink colour, you know that sort of thing. Which is also probably one of my favourite colours, especially as a nail colour in the summer time or for when you just want to look a bit more tanned, I love it. 


Now please don’t get me wrong here, as much as I do love all of these products I am going to be brutally honest now and say I was a little disappointed with the Travel Mug when I first got it out of the backpack, simply because I thought it was going to be a ceramic mug but it is actually plastic. Not that there is anything wrong with that and I guess it helps just in case you accidentally drop it because it’s not going to smash instantly there and then.
It is still a beautiful mug with the marble effect and the shiny copper, rose gold writing. It even has a screw on lid which is 10x better than a simple pull off one, so that gets my approval. 


I have already put the Inspire Keyring on my keys, like how could I not? It is so beautiful and probably my most favourite item. 



Now to talk about the Pencil Set and how flipping CUTE they all are! I am obsessed with the black dots on the white background with the gold trim, AMAZING.
My favourite is definitely the ‘Hugs & Kisses’ pencil, the only thing that I forgot about pencils was that when you buy them they’re not sharpened are they? & what is the one thing I totally forgot to get? A sharpener! Typical ay, but don’t worry I am definitely going to be getting one so I can start using these cute things straight away. 


The backpack itself is just as great as the items inside; the colours, the size, the adjustable straps, everything. To me having adjustable straps on a backpack is a big thing because obviously not everyone is the same size and build, so I love the fact that Zoella has taken the time to think about everyone else when creating her products. 


I also love that there is a handle to hold as well as straps, so if it is too heavy at the time then you can choose to put it on your back or just carry it. 



I have always wanted a backpack that I can take with me on my adventures, so this is going to be the perfect thing for my next one.. oh and along with my travel mug of course! 


Now remember if you want your very own backpack with all of these items for just £26 then get down to your nearest Boots store or go online to boots.com, the offer ends tomorrow so hurry! 

Thank you so much for reading, I know it was a bit of a ramble but you stuck with me and I really appreciate that. I hope you have the best day & be happy. 

Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂 xo

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