Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Perfume

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Perfume.. Now what girl doesn’t love perfume? I know I sure flipping do. 

It’s not very often I come across blog posts based around perfume, but I feel like this is something I might make into a regular thing when it comes to buying and trying new scents.. Especially now Christmas is fast approaching.
I think I have only ever spoke about one perfume in all of my posts and that was included in a favourites post of mine, so it wasn’t something I went into great detail about. 


This beauty is what I am currently obsessing over, the Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Edition. 

As you can probably already guess from the name it is a very floral and fruity fragrance, but with a hint of a soft musk so it’s not too heavy or too sweet in the slightest. It is definitely a summer smell, but is that going to stop me wearing it all year round? Hell to the no!  

I am 100% sure I’m not the only person in the world to do this, but when it comes to having several bottles of perfume I always have that certain one which I will only ever wear for special occasions.. and for me that just HAS to be this perfume. 


Now I am getting older *cries* I am always on the lookout for the more mature smelling perfumes, I think this is from living with my mom who has endless amounts of perfume bottles stacked on her shelves. 9 times of out 10 she will be wearing a different scent each day, which means I am always getting a waft of something new and forever asking her “What perfume are you wearing? It smells really nice”. Therefore always updating my own perfume stash. 


Finally can we PLEASE talk about the packaging! Pink? Of course everyone loves pink you just can’t go wrong with a pastel pink colour, but this is without a doubt my most favourite looking perfume bottle I have ever owned in my 21 years of life. I absolutely love it because when I quickly catch a glimpse of it, it instantly reminds me of a beautiful skyline even though I know that’s probably not what it’s supposed to be but I just love it regardless. 


This was a little different to my usual post but I sure hope you enjoyed it.

Do you have a favourite fragrance that you only wear for special occasions? Let me know!

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂 xo

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower Perfume

  1. 1weekmaryx says:

    I tried a sample of this perfume a while back & it smelt reallyyyy good, the packaging is gorgeous & your photography skills are so good too! I’m so rubbish with perfumes I literally just wear my sister & brother’s perfumes lol! Great post & thanks for sharing xx

    Liked by 1 person

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