Christmas Candle Haul

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It looks like my crazy candle obsession continues, I just can’t seem to help myself. Whenever we are out and about doing a bit of shopping I always seem to search for some new candles. So I thought I would share my new additions with you…


In the last couple of weeks I have heard B&M have been selling candles which are very similar to the Bath & Body Works candles, which I’m sure you all know are not sold here in the UK so yes, of course you know I had to go and find some as soon as possible. 


The first one which we found accidentally is called Iced Candy, it wasn’t with the rest of the candles it just happened to be hidden with all the christmassy things so we got quite lucky.


This bad boy was only £2.99 and the only one which had a snowflake on the lid, now you can’t get a candle much more christmas themed than that, right?!
It has a very fresh smelling scent, kind of like a floral perfume you may have bought and it smells absolutely divine & it even has a snowman and snowflakes on the packaging.. SO CUTE. 


NEXT we have the Marshmallow Fireside scented candle again only £2.99, also I forgot to mention all of these are all 2 wick candles! I’m not sure what it is, but there is just something I love about lighting more than 1 wick in a candle so these are perfect for me.
This has a lovely sweet smokey scent, so it does smell like its name which isn’t always the case.
Such a delicious smell! 🙂


Lastly we have my favourite of them all Brown Sugar Allspice which like the name has a very sweet and spice scent. The first sniff you take you inhale all different spices from cinnamon and nutmeg to star anise and clove, there are just so many spices all at once and then a lovely subtle sweet smell. It’s basically Christmas in a jar, what more could you ask for? 🙂


Personally if you ask me the lids for these candles seriously make them even more amazing and attractive to buy. I don’t think I have shut up about how much I love them since I bought them, I’m just totally obsessed.. I mean just look how beautiful they are! There is no way I am binning these when they run out, I need to keep them forever haha. 

Have you popped into B&M lately? I think you should, they have some amazing Christmas bargains that you will love. I am definitely going back when these beauties have run out. 

If you’re not so keen on all of my candle posts then I am sorry but I am just obsessed with candles especially christmas ones, so there are going to be plenty more to come!

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂 xo 

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