Advent Calendars

It is my favourite time of the year again, everyone has started getting their Christmas decorations out, Christmas shopping has begun and it is my first ever time doing blogmas, so I am super duper excited.

Just to get you involved and in the Christmas spirit I am currently listening to the one and only All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey, because we all know it just wouldn’t be right to create blogmas content and NOT listen to Christmas songs the whole way through.

So come on then, what does the 1st of December mean….?
Time to open those advent calendars.

There are so many beautiful ones you can choose from these days, whether they are chocolate, beauty, skincare or even homeware related… you name it, they have it.


These are the advent calendars I have been so kindly gifted by my better half this year, we have a few Christmas traditions and one of them is that we always buy each other’s calendars.  


This is now the second year in a row Darren has bought me the Yankee Candle advent calendar and I am SO glad he did. If you read my blog then you will know by now how truly obsessed I am with candles, so of course this was the best surprise ever. Who doesn’t want a load of delicious smelling tea lights and votive candles in the space of 25 days?

The design this year is a lot different from last years but I’m not quite sure which one I prefer, last year it was mostly red and gold packaging with a carousel around it. Now this year we have a sparkly gold and black design with the main attraction here being the red dress, I just can’t decide which one is my favourite… I like them both. 🙂

Now for the chocolate one, yum yum yummmm. I am a sucker for Thornton’s chocolate and I had hinted that I wanted a Thornton’s advent calendar this year, but look how flipping huge and yummy it looks! Not only do you get the chocolate behind each door, you also get 3 of the mahoooosive snowman and the snowdog chocolates AND a little bar of chocolate at the bottom with your name on it.

The cutest thing of all is that Darren didn’t just get my name put on it, he got my BLOG NAME put on it and I love it so much. Darren has always supported me with my blogging dreams, he always has been and always will be my number one fan. It melts my heart. 🙂

What advent calendars have you got this year? Have you remembered to open them today?! I hope you have. 😉

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
See you tomorrow! Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂

10 thoughts on “Advent Calendars

  1. sirvikalot says:

    You’re so lucky that your boyfriend treated you to TWO advent calendars.

    My colleague bought me a really cute advent calendar. It’s a tradtional one and it doesn’t have chocolate or anything, behind each door it just has a lovely illustration. I’ve put it up on the wall at work and open it each morning when I get in to the office.

    I’m actually doing a “no chocolate for advent” challenge this year. Today was hard but hopefully it’ll be fine.

    V ❤

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