Blogmas Day 7: Decorating the Tree

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HEY GUYS & WELCOME TO BLOGMAS DAY SEVENNNNN! **deck the halls with boughs of holly, falalalalaaalalalalaa** YES it’s true, I have changed the little tune & I am loving it. 🙂
I still can’t quite believe we are on day seven of blogmas already, where has the time gone?! 

We all know one of the most exciting things about the festive season is getting the tree down from the loft and to start decorating. We were planning on having a real Christmas tree this year but because we have only just moved into this house we are a tad on the “broke” side haha, but I’m really hoping that next year we can afford to have the real thing. 

Now what is the one thing you MUST have on when you’re decorating the tree? Well……? CHRISTMAS SONGS OF COURSE!! Before we even started anything we just had to get YouTube up on the TV and get those Christmas playlists going, it was an extremely festive evening.

Next…? Gota test out those lights! The lights we have for the tree come with a teeny weeny remote control so you can switch between the warm white lights or multi coloured. I much prefer the warm white ones but Darren is obsessed with the multi coloured ones, so it is always a race to see who can find the little remote first and change them haha. 



Time for the best bit, DECORATIONS! Now these were all neat and tidy in bags and boxes when we first got them down from the loft, but then this happened… oopsies! 


I like to go for a gold and red theme when it comes to decorating the tree and last year we managed to pick up these 50 bad boys from Primark, the perfect colour for our theme and they were only £5… how amazing is that!
Last year Primark had a huge variety of different Christmas decorations for amazing prices so we went all out and bought tons, but this year we can’t seem to find anything that is half as good as last year. 


Now these are my all-time favourite baubles but I can’t for the life of me remember where we got them from, but I know for a fact they wouldn’t have cost much because we don’t want to be paying ridiculous amounts on decorations haha. They are all a different shade of gold, some plain, some shiny and some glittery in a few different shapes. I just love the fact that even on a budget you can still manage to find some lovely, sophisticated looking baubles. 



Me and Darren are both as obsessed as each other when it comes to Christmas and we never find putting the tree up or shopping for decorations a chore, we absolutely love it and we have so much fun making the house look as festive as possible. img_5124



Do you enjoy putting the tree and decorations up for Christmas and making it as fun as possible with your family or other half?
Also do you have a certain theme you like to stick to when you’re decorating the tree? I’d love to know! We could always switch to a new theme next year if we find enough inspiration. 🙂

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
See you tomorrow! Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Decorating the Tree

  1. milenkamillie ✨❄️ says:

    Aww this is the most perfect Blogmas post! Decorating the tree with Christmas songs on the telly is the only way to go about it! My family have this every year ever since I was little haha. Like you, I also like the classic red and gold theme as it’s just so warm and festive ☺️ and you guys definitely have the coolest fairylights! Your photos are really amazing as well 😍 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • XandraRose Blog says:

      Aw thank you so much lovely! This is definitely my favourite blogmas post i’ve done so far, I just loved writing it all up. You’re right there is no other way, you have to have christmas songs playing while you decorate haha. & yes I agree the theme is so warm and christmassy, I love it! Thank you so much, so glad you like it ☺️xx

      Liked by 1 person

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