Luscious Lush Haul

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You may or may not know that I am MAHOOOSIVE Lush fan, so of course I went and had a little splurge at my nearest store when I was very kindly gifted some Christmas money. 🙂


I originally went on the hunt for the Rosy Cheeks Face Mask, but when I got there the lovely lady working there told me they were all sold out after the Christmas and Boxing Day madness. 


However she then told me they had some testers in the fridge. I was able to try it by the lady rubbing it on my hand, then washing it off so I could see just how soft it made my hand feel afterwards and yes, it really was lovely and soft. 🙂

To start with I was given this little diddy pot on the right because this was all they had left, but then to my surprise she came back and said I could take the TRY ME pot home for FREE. I was so grateful because I had been wanting to try this face mask for ages! 

So I went home, slapped this face mask on and did some of my worst poses possible haha! But on the plus side my face felt as soft as a baby’s bum afterwards. 🙂


Even more surprisingly I was told the store had received more Christmas stock in after Boxing Day and everything was still 50% off, so obviously I had to go and check it out.

I managed to grab a 215g Sleepy Body Lotion & a 100g Christingle Body Conditioner


The Sleepy Body Lotion is a lovely pale purple colour with an added extra sparkle in the middle. It has such a subtle lavender scent and if it were any stronger personally it would be a bit too much for me, this is the perfect amount. I love this because it has Cocoa Butter in it and I love anything with Cocoa Butter in it, knowing it makes your skin SUPER soft. 

Then the Christingle Body Conditioner is this vibrant blue colour, which can only be described as the smell of Peppermint Toothpaste and I absolutely love it. It is perfect to cool down your skin during your hot bath or shower, it will leave your skin with a tingly sensation! 


There is no way I could ever visit a Lush store and not leave with some bath bombs in hand!

They also had the Northern Lights and Shoot for the Stars Bath Bombs as part of the 50% off, so I grabbed one of each and then decided to grab another Northern Lights, oopsies hehe. 


I then went for a Twilight Bath Bomb, Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb and a Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. 


Just a little fun fact, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb was the first ever product I used from Lush around 7 years ago and I have loved it ever since. I was just amazed how these little tiny petals suddenly appeared from inside this big colourful thing haha. 

Sex Bomb is perfect for an evenings bathe. It is just so calming and soothing, it never fails. 🙂

Twilight will help you get a great nights sleep, it contains Lavender Oil which is always associated with sleep so again this one is very calming. 

Dragon’s Egg is just a cool, uplifting and exciting bath bomb, it contains Popping Candy so just drop it in the water and watch it crackle and fizz away, while producing a lovely gold colour. 


There you have it, my Lush Haul… Complete! These posts are definitely my favourite to both read and write, I love finding out about new prodcuts I haven’t tried and then trying to give out some advice about the things I have bought. 🙂

So if you enjoyed this post please do let me know and tell me what some of your Lush faves are?

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂

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