My New Skincare Storage 2017

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I have been searching for some new storage boxes for my skincare for far too long now, my current skincare storage is just a complete and utter mess. 

It’s a tough one because even though you just want to find something practical to put your products in, you also need something that is pretty to look at if it is going to be on show. 

Luckily I am always on the hunt for boxes, especially in TK Maxx. They always seem to sell the best variety of boxes, all different shapes and sizes, with different compartments etc. but I’ve never been able to find one I really like until now, I think I must be a bit too fussy. 


The first box I managed to find was this lovely floral one, with a magnetic opening. It was the only one there with this exact pattern so I was pretty chuffed that I had found this certain one. 


I was drawn to the fact the pattern on the outside of the box was also on the inside, with the words ‘DREAM’ ‘BELIEVE’ ‘INSPIRE’ etc. in capitals all over the box. Anything with inspirational words or quotes on it I already love. The pattern on the inside is the same but kind of looks like a washed out version of the outside pattern, which I absolutely love. 🙂


I’ve already decided I’m going to be putting my Lush products in this one, as like I said before my current storage is an absolute mess. When I buy things from Lush I leave them in the bags and just place them wherever there is room, I just want a bit of order in my life please.


This next one I found is the one I like to call the Treasure Chest, another unique gem again from TK Maxx. When I first picked this one up it did remind me of the first one I found, probably being the reason I liked it so much I guess and plus it has cute handles! 


Instead of a floral pattern this one has a very big travellers feel to it, with the earth, compasses and the maps etc. but I still love it just as much as the other. 


The inside of the “Treasure Chest” is completely different to the pattern on the outside and totally different to the first box. It is just completely green and covered in all different types of patterns. It’s a heck of a lot bigger compared to the first box but I did want a bigger one like this because I plan on putting my moisturisers, body butters and things like that in this one. So I thought it has to be considerably bigger than the other one.  


For some reason I decided to look at the bottom of the boxes and noticed they both had the same logo with the same brand name, Punch Studio. I was so happy I had picked up two completely different boxes and they had ended up being by the same brand… conisidence haha.

Once I have sorted all my stuff into these two boxes I think I may need to go on the hunt for a couple more for some other bits and bobs I have. 🙂

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂

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