January Faves

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Hi peeps, its favourites time! I haven’t posted a favourites post in a good few months now and since they are one my fave things to read and I have been loving a handful of things this month, I thought it was the perfect time to get back into the swing of things.
Sooooo, let’s get started shall we. 🙂

Lush – Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask




If you follow me on Twitter @xandrarose_x 😉 then you will already be aware of my obsession over the Lush Rosy Cheeks Face Mask. I am always posting pictures of my Lush concoctions before I get into the bath and this face mask has featured in every single one. It is exactly what it says it is, a gorgeous rosy pink colour with a very subtle rosy smell, not overpowering in the slightest. As soon as I apply it my face instantly feels calm and refreshed and that’s before I have even taken it off after 10 to 15 minutes. The other reason I love this particular mask is because it is so easy to take off. I grab my little face towel, cover it in warm to hot water and gently rub my face until it is all removed, leaving my face feeling silky smooth… luuush. 🙂

The Body Shop – Spiced Apple Shower Gel


Originally I was hoping to purchase this shower gel before the New Year from The Body Shop for £5. However, I didn’t get round to going shopping until after the New Year and then I managed to pick it up in the January sales for half the price, bargain!
This scent is like nothing I have ever smelt before, it is full of so many different spices and fruity flavours and I have finally discovered what it reminds me of… it’s Gummy Bears! I am obsessed with the Haribo Gummy Bear sweets, which I think is why I was so obsessed with the scent from the minute I got it. At first I thought it might be a shower gel smell that doesn’t stick to your body and make you smell delicious for the next few hours, but it does and I can always smell myself after my shower or bath haha.

Avon Nutra Effects Night Cream



So I struggle with really bad dry skin around my nose and forehead and this is something that really knocks my confidence when it comes to wearing makeup. I do have the day cream as well as this night cream, but I find the night cream helps my skin out a lot more than the day one. This moisturiser is a gel consistency which I think is why it is so hydrating for the skin, it goes an extremely long way and I only paid £3 for it, what more could I ask for?
This product seems to have been mentioned quite a lot on my blog lately but you can click HERE to read about it in a lot more detail if you so wish to.

MAC Lipstick – Velvet Teddy 




This deep-tone beige lipstick is the first MAC product I have ever owned in my 21 years of life, something that was very kindly gifted to me for Christmas from The Beauty Analyst.
I only ever wear a nude coloured lip, so straight away I thought “She has got this one spot on”. It is a beautiful matte but creamy lip which stays on for such a long time. I have been wearing it throughout January and sometimes it will be the only makeup product I wear on my face, so I will definitely be repurchasing this and maybe even try out a few other colours while I’m at it.

Next – Festive Spice Candle 




My lovely boyfriend bought me this candle as a Christmas present and it has been burning ever since. It smells of all the Christmassy spices you could ever think of, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginger… the list goes on and on.
Even though it is January and Christmas is over I love to have it burning in the evenings, just to make the living room feel that little bit cosier and just another reminder that Christmas is the best time of the year. You may or may not have noticed just how HUGE this candle actually is compared to a regular sized candle. It does have 80 hours burning time but I only like to have it lit for an hour or two each night so I can make it last as long as possible, because once it’s gone I’ll have to wait until next Christmas to buy another one and I don’t think I can wait that long.


There we have it, my fave things for this month! 
I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂


10 thoughts on “January Faves

  1. milenkamillie ✨❄️ says:

    I love reading monthly favourites and this one is really lovely! The lush face mask sounds amazing. And the Avon night cream is definitely something I need to help my skin this winter. I really hate it when you apply makeup and can see the dry patches 😞 Your photos are fab as always! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Xandra Rose says:

      Thank you! me too, monthly favourites are one of my favourite posts to read and videos to watch. Honestly, I swear by the stuff it has helped my skin so much this I suffer with quite bad dry skin in areas. I wouldn’t be without it now! Aw thank you and as always thank you for reading xx


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