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On Saturday me and my lovely mother had planned to have a girly pamper day.
We had been planning this day for weeks and I couldn’t believe just how quickly the time had passed when it was finally here. 

We went to a Tranquil Spa which is located inside our nearest shopping centre, meaning my mom had been many a time before but the last time I visited the spa it was 2011 and that was for a spray tan ready for my year 11 prom (lol) but this time I was booked in for a Deluxe Manicure and my mom had opted for a Facial. 


Starting from when we first walked in, at the top of the stairs they had this cute little table on the right hand side with all of the spas offers being advertised, which I thought was quite a clever idea so everyone would be able to see them as they walked in and out of the spa. 


Then a stand full of nail polishes instantly greeted us as we walked through the double doors to the actual spa itself. I loved the interior behind the nail polish stand with the holes in the wall and each hole had a different colour at the bottom, it was so quirky and unique which is something I am always instantly attracted to look at. 





So when we walked around the other side of the quirky wall we were in the waiting room which to me felt like a very welcoming room with such a calming atmosphere, definitely not like the dreaded doctors waiting room! There was calming music playing, teas and coffees, a few sofas and even a board with all the personal profiles of the ladies who did all the treatments for you. 


We were waiting for no longer than a couple of minutes before we were both called into our separate rooms. I was asked to pick which colour I wanted on my nails straight away, luckily I had already decided which colour I was going for when we first walked in. 


I chose this pastel purple colour because at the time I thought “well it’s nearly spring so I want more of a light colour rather than a dark wintery colour” and this one just caught my eye. 


So I had been called up, I chose my nail colour and then I was taken over to the station I would be sitting at. The way they set up my station was so beautiful and it just looked as though a lot of thought and effort had gone into making each and every customer happy.


My mom had also taken a picture of how her room had been setup for her treatment and I was a tad jealous, just look how cute this is. They even wrote her name on the little chalk board they had in there, with flowers and potted plants. So cute. 


My treatment lasted for around an hour or so and still 2 days later I cannot get over just how amazing and relaxing it was, now I know why they call it a DELUXE manicure. My nails were polished and buffed to perfection, my hands were moisturised to death and I even had a cheeky little hand and wrist massage, it was absolute heaven on earth. 


I am so glad my mom used to tell me off for biting my nails when I was growing up, if she hadn’t then I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now with these nails. These are all my own nails and I only had a nail colour put on them, nothing else. I also asked for my nail shape to be ‘squoval’ which is straight on the top and rounded on the edges. 


Even though I only went in for a manicure I left feeling as though I had been massaged from head to toe, I felt completely relaxed and my mom felt the exact same. We have already decided we are going to make this a once a month treat because why buy something you may never use again when you could go and treat yourself, literally. 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about our little girly day out. 

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂


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