It has been so long since I actually went and visited a Primark store and there were a few things I knew I was in real need of. So yesterday me and Darren drove to one of our nearest Primark stores, there are quite a few to choose from near us but we decided to go to one which isn’t always at the top of our list, the one at The Fort Shopping Centre in Birmingham. 

I just thought I would quickly show you the things I managed to pick up. 🙂



Khaki Lightweight Jacket – £23

Now that it’s Spring I really need to get rid of my big winter coat which is also khaki. So I wanted to stick with the same colour coat but a much lighter material and this one seemed perfect.
It has a zip with the option to button it up too but I think I will probably just zip it up, it has buttoned pockets but also open pockets behind them so you can just pop your hands in if they feel a little cold without the hassle of having to undo the buttons. Another thing I really like about this jacket is that you can choose to wear it full sleeved or have it with 3/4 sleeves.
It is also the perfect length as I don’t like my coats too short, it sits just at the thighs. 


Khaki ‘Parka In A Pocket’ – £9

While on the subject of coats I also picked up this darker shade of khaki Parka Rain Mac, again this is a zip up but only has buttoned pockets this time. I must have a thing for coats with the option to have full length sleeves or 3/4 sleeves because this coat has the exact same option as the first. I will probably wear this with just a top underneath when it gets a little warmer or over a jumper or hoodie when it’s cold and raining. I love how stylish they have managed to make a parka that you can just quickly shove into your bag without any hassle.


Pink Blush Palm Tree Top – £10

I absolutely love this top. I wanted to get a new one for when I attend the #BlogConLDN event next Saturday and it was between this one or a black and white striped one.
As you can see it has black palm trees printed all over it, with a pocket on the side, it has a v neck with a couple of buttons underneath and again it’s 3/4 sleeves, I much prefer wearing this one with 3/4 sleeves though. I feel like it is the perfect Spring looking top and it isn’t tight fitted, it is quite flowing so you feel like you can breathe if you’ve eaten too much while wearing it. 


Grey Marl Hoodie – £8

The last piece of clothing I picked up was this men’s hoodie. I much prefer wearing mens hoodies as they are so much comfier and there is a lot more room in them, I hate wearing the women’s ones because they just seem so tight fitted which isn’t really my thing. I might even wear this underneath the jackets I bought while it’s still cold outside. 


10 Non-Slip Hangers – £3.50

Last but not least I needed to grab some more coat hangers, so I picked up these ones because I already have some and they are fab. They are great for hanging up silky clothes like blouses and shirts as they are non-slip hangers, so obviously the clothes won’t slip off and also you can hang both your trousers and shirts up on one hanger to make more room in your wardrobe. 

Thank you for reading my little Primark clothing haul.

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂


  1. Chloe says:

    Both of the coats look so lovely! I keep using my one from Primark from about a year ago but it’s not too waterproof, which I desperately need this time of year! Loved the post x

    – Chloe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Xandra Rose says:

      Thank you lovely. I’ve been wearing the not so waterproof one at the moment because it’s a little thicker than the mac but I’ll be taking them both with me when I go to Edinburgh soon haha x


    • Xandra Rose says:

      I’m exactly the same! Whenever I go in myself I never find anything then I see hauls and I’m like where did you see that?! 😂 I think I got lucky during this trip tho haha xx


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