So last weekend I finally got round to sorting out my box room or ‘dressing room’ if you will and because I am so happy with it now I thought I would show you around it a little. 🙂


I did take a picture during my tidy up and as you can see it was a huge mess! I always find that when you decide to tidy something up it always seems to get a lot worse before it gets better.


So these are my dressing table draws and chair, I am obsessed with the chair because it is the perfect size to fit under the table so it’s out the way and I am also a big fan of dark blue.

Draw 1:


On the left I have all of my nail polishes and nail things in a little basket, then in a smaller basket on the right I have all my hair things, like my tangle teezer, bobbles, clips and grips etc. and then just some little extra bits and bobs with lots of cotton wool pads at the back. 

Draw 2:


In the middle draw I have a whole mish mash of things, mainly unopened makeup and skincare but a few other bits too. The box at the front and the one at the back are actually Glossy Box’s that I emptied out and put in here, they are so handy to have so if you are subscribed to Glossy Box make sure you keep them because they are great for some extra storage space. 

Draw 3:


and in the last draw we have my bigger hair things, straighteners, hair dryer and hairspray etc. 




Moving onto the top of the dressing table, I have the usual mirrors and hairbrush and then a cute little plastic lipstick holder, my jewellery holder and a little jewellery trinket box.


I also have another little basket but this time on top of my dressing table instead of in the draws, as I like to have my most used or biggest products to be on show so they are easy to get at. 


On the floor to the right of my dressing table I keep my ‘treasure chest’ and my other little pretty box next to one another, with my current makeup bag on top and out the way. 


In my treasure chest I keep all on my skincare products, there are quite a lot as I am a huge fan of skincare. I want to get my makeup collection up to this standard one day haha.


Then in the smaller pretty box I have all of my bath products, so lots and lots of bath bombs. 
So there we have a little tour around my dressing room, I really hope you enjoyed it.

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂

6 thoughts on “NEW MAKEUP & SKINCARE STORAGE 2017

  1. Nina says:

    This is a great idea. I struggle with storing my makeup too. I can make it look pretty but hard to get to; or easy to get to and look really messy. I can’t win lol

    Liked by 1 person

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