Ok so if you didn’t know already I do like buying candles on the odd occasion, I mean I have my own candle cupboard at home so maybe I do have a slight problem, yes. So instead of cutting down on the damn things, I went to B&M Bargains and bought a whole load more. 🙂


Not one of these candles cost me more than £3.99, which in my opinion is an absolute bargain! When usually I’m spending £5 to £10 on tiny looking candles in TK Maxx. Obviously that won’t be putting me off buying them in the future though, I’ll still be visiting there every so often haha. 



This one is definitely my fave out of all four of them and the main reason for buying this is basically to put it in our kitchen. I currently have a jasmine scented candle in there but on a much smaller scale and without such an amazing pattern, instead it’s just solid black.
They had a few different patterns and colours but this one just completely stole my heart, I am obsessed with it. Also our kitchen has black and white tiles, so I really wanted to get a black one again knowing it would go well and the best part is this beauty only cost me £3.99. 



Again sticking to the jasmine scent, I’ll start by saying this candle was supposed to be £3.99 and when I got to the till it was only £1.99… bargain! This also came in several different colours but this teel colour was definitely my fave, but what really swung it for me was the rope around the top and the wooden heart. I mean, I love anything with hearts on, especially if it’s wooden. 



You’ll be pleased to know this candle isn’t jasmine scented, it is in fact vanilla scented, my all-time favourite candle scent, like ever. It wasn’t just the smell of the candle I liked, it was just how cutesy and warming it looked. The cute little quote on the front with the white rope tied around the top of it, what’s not to love? Again for a bargain price of just £2.99. 



Darren actually chose this certain candle and obviously being vanilla scented I was hardly going to say no haha. In case you don’t know already these Woodland Wick candles are the crackling candles which have a little bit of thin wood in the middle instead of a normal wick.
I’ll admit it doesn’t crackle as loud as some of the others we have but it definitely gives off an amazing smell when you walk into the room, but to be honest sometimes the crackling of these candles can be too loud, whereas this one is just right in my opinion. Again only £3.99, amazing. 


I was just so excited to show you all my recent candle purchases, so I hope you enjoyed them.
& if you’re as obsessed with candles as I am, then get your butts down to your nearest B&M. I bet you will leave with a lot more than you had originally thought. 

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂

15 thoughts on “LOTS & LOTS OF B&M CANDLES

  1. Adele Miner says:

    I can just smell these through my laptop screen. Candles are my favourite thing ever, especially during the winter months – so cosy! I am so impressed with your blog too by the way, you are doing an amazing job with it! x


    Liked by 1 person

    • Xandra Rose says:

      Anyone who loves candles as much as I do is always a friend of mine! Yes they are definitely so much more cosier during autumn and winter on those dark nights. Thank you so so much, your comment means the world to me ☺️x


  2. siobhanfuller says:

    I have a little stash of vanilla-scented candles in my wardrobe so that I never run out hahaha! Definitely want to try one from the Woodland Wick range, they always smell amazing xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Xandra Rose says:

      Love that! Vanilla has always been my favourite scent, you should definitely try them out if you love good smelling candles that travel in every room. Thank you for commenting xo


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