It’s been so long since I last reviewed a product that I actually feel like I’ve completely forgotten how to do it. Oh jeeez wish me luck haha. 🙂

Usually when I receive my Glossybox through the post I will open it up more or less straight away, I’ll get really excited about the products and then just leave them in the box for about a week or so until I find somewhere to put them all.
However, this month’s box was a completely different story!
I received the box on Saturday morning but didn’t get round to opening it up until the Sunday and ever since opening it I have been obsessed with this one product. 


I thought it looked quite interesting when I first saw it as I have never used anything like it before. It is called the ‘GLO Illuminator’ and can be used on both your face and body. It is supposed to leave your skin with a “luminous glow and dewy finish”. 


It is completely up to you whether you wear it alone or mix it in with your foundation, personally I have chosen to wear it by itself this week as I don’t usually where any foundation during the weekdays as I am at work (and plus it’s quite warm this week). 


It was a bit of a shock when I first used it and this pink liquid just oozed out, and then I put it on my face and jut instantly thought “oh crap” at how pink it was… but then it did blend in pretty quickly and I didn’t look like a giant pink marshmallow like I had feared.
In all honesty, this product keeps my skin from feeling dry throughout the day, and they weren’t lying when they said it provides a “dewy finish”. However, I wouldn’t say it leaves my face looking like I have a “luminous glow” to it but I would say I look like I have a “fresh out of the sun” face after I have applied it, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. So yeah, I like it. 


Before blending


After blending

I feel like this product has arrived at the perfect time now the sun has finally started to make an appearance for longer than a day here in the UK.
I mean who doesn’t want a healthy looking glow to their face during the summer months? 


So I’m definitely giving the GLO Illuminator a 10/10. It leaves my skin looking like I have a healthy glow for once, also the packaging is just so pink and cute along with being the perfect travel size. I honestly don’t know what’s not to like about it? Because I am already in love with it. 

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂


  1. femme rewritten says:

    This looks amazing. I definitely have to give it a try.
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, and I’m definitely hooked. Looking forward to your future content.

    Stop by and check out my posts!
    Mena 🌸✨🌷💕

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