It may have been well over a week now since we actually went to the Foodies Festival but I still wanted to tell you all a bit about our day there. 🙂

This year was our second time visiting the Foodies Festival in Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park.
We had such a great time last year that we had already decided we would go again this year.
Also, just in case you’re not quite sure what this ‘Foodies Festival’ even is, it is basically a huge event which takes place at various locations, full of food, drink and just an all round good time. 


If you follow me on social media or happen to watch my vlogs then you will know what massive foodies me and Darren actually are, which means you will also know that this kind of event is the perfect place for us to visit because we are literally in our elements, this is like food heaven to us. 


The most difficult thing to decide when you first walk in is where do we head to first? There are just so many stalls to choose from that your food palate finds it literally impossible to figure out what it wants to eat first, but we eventually decided on Mexican Street Food at Mexibros! 


Like I said before, here I am in my “food heaven element” haha!
I went for a pretty hefty Chicken Fajita Skewer which to my surprise also came with a bag of those nacho crisp things and an avocado filled salad which was soooo delish, YUM.


^^^^^ Such a quirky sign I just had to take a picture for this blog post haha! ^^^^^


Every food item we bought this year was completely different from last years choices except for just one, the one thing we always have to get no matter what kind of food related event we go to… and that’s Churros, along with the chocolate dipping sauce, mmmmm it is seriously making my mouth water just thinking about it. I need to finish this post quick before I start dribbling!


As much as I love the Foodies Festival it’s probably a good job it only comes round once a year because if it was any more I don’t think my belly or bank balance would thank me too kindly.

I also vlogged our day out, so if you’re into YouTube then please feel free to go and watch. 🙂

I hope you have the best day & be happy.
Lots of love, Xandra Rose 🙂


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